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Two friends of CC — updated

Two friends of Creative Commons have been nominated for won an Oscar: Board member Davis Guggenheim’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (husband of Christiane Henckel von Donnersmarck, original director of Creative Commons International)’s film, The Lives of Others.

CrooksAndLiars has a clip with Davis’ acceptance speech.

YouTube has Florian’s acceptance speech.

Friends are to inspire. And so they have.



Best is, "Das Leben der Anderen" is a German movie.. Germany!!!!! ;-).

Great news! I am so happy about this! And not only because I use CC a lot, but also because the only way to make more people understand the fact that the new, digital era requires new, digital laws (- CreativeCommons), the better.

The old, analog generation, will have to give way to the new, digital generation. Same with copyright.

...hey, so how come "An Inconvenient Truth" is NOT under CC ?
The movie carries a powerful message that we need to share and spread...

"Das Leben der Anderen" is sadly a pure fiction account disguised in a "dokumentary style". Absolutely nothing in that movie ever happened or was even close to what the very WESTgerman director tries the world now to believe. My parents who have been under Stasi surveillence are extremely angry at the twisting of truth. Its as the west wants to wipe out any and all historic truthfullness and history in general and replace it by an idealized vision that suits capitalilistic thinking. Here in germany the movie has ripped open the west-east debate wide and shows that there is more to a unified country then shared language and shared land.
So a BOO BOO for the director even if HIS WIFE is a supported of the great idea of creative commons - now then again why is this movie not under CC - nor is inconvinient truth.

Just because some political minded people see a benefit to associate themself with a certain "hip cool thing that has a big target group attached" doesn´t mean they are actually supporting it. ACTIONS is the only thing that counts and I neither can see those action taken with Al Goore nor with the truth bending "Das Leben der Anderen".

Blindly following those who lead will lead us blindly into destruction.

yeah great German Movie, Greetings from Germany. :)