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Several people asked about what kind of meditation I am doing. I'm doing a version of Kriya Yoga. You can find an explanation of the whole thing one the download page of the Kriya Yoga site of Ennio Nimis. In particular, I am focusing mostly on Maha Mudra and Kriya Pranayama which are pages 106-108 in section 2. The diagram on page 104 shows the path that your focus should take up and down your spine. I'm also taking random teachings about meditation that I've read in the past to try to keep my focus and fade out the chatter of my loose thoughts.

I'm still quite a beginner, but I'm excited by my gradual progress. It has become a very important part of my morning ritual and only takes 20 minutes or so including the stretching.


Joi, thanks. I'm looking for videos or photographs that illustrate the Kriya poses, do you have any sources?
I found this interesting video but it's not clear if the poses are specifically Kriya.

I don't have any pictures. Sorry.

I've being praticing kriya yoga since 5 years now, I've been initiated by a master in Paris and I've read quite a few books on this practice.
Here's a list of the best I've found so far:
Biography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda
Yoga of the Christ by Ravi Ravindra
And the best of all:
Puran Purush by Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri

But in order to fully enjoy the benefits of Kriya Yoga you must get an initiation by a Master.

@Manek, this video doesn't describe Kriya Yoga positions, it's another yoga that is presented.

Have you tried biofeedback, such as Freeze-Framer or the Journey to the Wild Divine? I have tried a number of breathing/ meditation techniques, and have internalized a couple of practices, but find that having visual real-time information really makes the process way more efficient-for me.

Try Zazen

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