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I turned my compost yesterday and was rewarded this morning. As part of my morning ritual, I've been taking out the previous day's kitchen waste to the compost in the morning. I lifted the compost today and was greeted by a cloud of steam from a warm and happy compost pile. It smelled happy and told me that it would feed my veggie garden this summer.


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Good hot pile! Composting here in Arizona is challenging, but it works, though takes longer. We got turned out after a visit to a B&B on Vancouver Island where the owner had some amazing compost action. Today we transferred two bins full of good black stuff to our veggie garden.

It's weired to travel or visit friends and be forced to toss veggie waste or coffee grounds on the trash. It feels just wrong.

Joi, your dialog with your compost sprang to mind an idea for a serialized manga or anime. I read that as the compost (or the cloud of steam) talking to you. Maybe you are eating an exotic vegetable as part of your morning ritual... ^_^

Streaming Compost? What are you talking about?

Oh! My mistake!

Having conversations with your compost is the mark of a great gardener. How about a picture? Who doesn't love a good picture of a compost bin?

with all the vegetables required in the Eat to Live plan, you'll probably have a side business of compost by-the-truckload.

Anthony, I'm using something that looks like this:

I'll be building a proper bin when it gets a bit warmer outside.

I am wondering what the status of Municiple Compost programs is in Japan? In places where land fills are used they are popular as a way to reduce the need for land fill space. Since Japan incinerates a lot of its garbage, I wonder if Municiple Compost programs are being used effectively.

Anyone know much about this topic?

Hey Joi! Decided to look you up as Jeff and Joe Shanahan and I were discussing you at Smart Bar the other night. Thrilled to see you are maintaining as healthy a relatonship with the soil as you are with the digital world. Keep up the productive output! I have been gardening for about eight years now and am way into it, I took the U of I extension course for master gardeners too - heirloom tomatoes abound in summer. Take care!
Best Regards - Tom Pazen (Jeffs Brother!!)