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My flying mount
Jonkichi my mage hit Level 70 this weekend. Just updated my Rupture profile for Jonkichi. The grind from 60 to 70 was relatively fun and I enjoyed the new content. I'm also really enjoying my flying mount, although I can't afford an epic one yet.

As you can see in my gear list, I'm still wearing my T2 hat from Onyxia, but have replaced just about everything else.

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Rupture didn't load for me, but we can look you up on the official character profile too.

gratz ;)

Gratz, Jon. Sorry I wasn't there when you dinged.


I just hit 70 last week too. Getting keyed for Karazhan atm.

What's really hard core are those 70 Draenic shammies and Blood elf pallies running around already...

It looks just like Garuda, the bird of Indian Gods depicted in the Rgveda:)

The armory page lists you as level 69 ;)

Crap, I should have screenshotted that level 69 armory page. It now correctly shows you as 70.

Hey joy gratz for your 70!!! nice mount! i'll be 70 next wk in silvermoon, profile ulfang

knewed your blog by in italy :)

Grats Joi. Sounds like we ding'ed 70 at the same time. And picked up the same flying mount.

Sorry Joi,

Now that I know you play not only a Gnome, but a mage....oh this is a difficult.

I expected maybe a nice Orc Shaman or Undead Priest....anything Horde but a mage? and a Gnome at that! :)

The armory page lists you as level 69 ;)