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As I sit here and put together my presentation for today, I'm reminded of the days when I used to spin records in nightclubs. First, I try to figure out who the audience is. Then I try to figure out generally what I want to say. After that, I pick up my favorite songs or groups of songs and throw them into the box. (In the case of my presentation, it is arguments, videos and images.) Then I try to figure out what stays, what order they should be presented and how the transitions between the different elements should work.

Anyway... back to work on my presentation.

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I am not certain that Procrastination is Dispellable.



Interestingly, I'm tweaking a few presentations tonight as well and was thinking a very similar thing. I recently started with Keynote...something about it's simplicity started me thinking more "networked" and less "a to z".

I'll sell you Tome of Dispel Procrastination Rank 12 for 3999 gold. Cheaper than in AH. Pst me.