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Impress, a Japanese publisher, just released a Mook (magazine/book) called The Future of Web 2.0 - The Sharing Economy based on presentations at the Digital Garage New Context Conference last year in Tokyo. The book is in Japanese. There are excerpts from presentations by Mitchell Baker, John Buckman, Tantek Çelik, David Isenberg, Lawrence Lessig, Jun Murai, Hiroyuki Nakano and Cory Ondrejka. I've got some words in it including a translation of my DBA thesis proposal. (I really do need to work on this more...)

A really cool thing about this is that Impress has decided to release this mook under CC BY-NC (v 2.1 Japan). They have also made a PDF versions of each section available for download simultaneously under the same license on their site.


Very, very interesting... great to see Impress going with a CC license.

Are there any plans to publish this in English as well? I'd imagine that many of the authors who contributed wrote their pieces/presentations in English originally so I'd imagine that the translation would not require too much effort?

(clearly with a CC license someone could start translating it independently but help from the authors and publisher would greatly accelerate)

I know I, for one, would be interested in seeing it in translation.


Two things:

1 Who owns the copyright on the original materials from the conference? Or if this mook does not contain original source materials but just select quotes and commentary then I guess the question doesnt matter.

2 I was only there for day 2, I dont recall or see in my notes the idea of "the sharing economy" to be much of a focus at all. Was that more of a day 1 thing or am I just being stupid again?

In any case, its good that these ideas are being put forth to the well washed masses.