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Playing Wataridori
Mizuka and I went to see my second cousin Keigo and his band (he's aka Cornelius) perform in Shibuya today. These Tokyo shows are sort of a family gathering and we got to see little Milo who had gotten a lot bigger and my aunt who appeared to be doing well.

The show was great as always. He played Wataridori which is one of my favorite songs and the song that he released under a Creative Commons license for the Wired CD.

He had some really cool videos using lots of low light photography and photo animation.

There was a bit where he had lots of old cheesy Elvis Hawaiian movie footage with Elvis' head/face covered by an animation of a sea anemone. It was really funny. Then he started playing "My Way" on his theremin.

There was also a lot of audience interaction and he took a group photo with the audience. He also took live video footage of the audience and did some video "scratching" a few times with it.

I had seats on the second floor and I was using a 90 mm lens hand-held so my shots of the stage are a bit crappy. I've posted my photos in a Flickr set.


Does jovial brilliance run in your family? I really like Cornelius' "Fit Song" video. It is freakin' awesome!

Wow! Very cool connection there! Cornelius has done remixes for friends and vice-versa, and Takako also had a remix album featuring some very good friends.

Awesome! I saw Cornelius here in Sydney a few months ago, one of the most fun shows I've ever been to. And yes we tried to squish ourselves into the photos from the stage too ;)

Hey! Do you know where I can track down an MP3 of Wataridori? I would love to have something legal of his to play on my podcast!

Hey Mikeypod! I'm a subscriber of yours. ;-)

You an get it here:

hey! soon after I asked you this I tracked it down. I downloaded the Senuous album today and listened to it during all of my travels. So damn good. I don't know why i didn't know about this album sooner, I have been a fan of Point for years!