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Comme ça Ism
I wrote a post awhile ago about Chuoism. Chiba Newtown Chuo is a designed from scratch community in the middle of nowhere near my house. The town has the feeling of Japanese consumer culture for the masses that someone decided to spin by calling it "Chuoism". I always thought it was a funny word.

On my way home today, I decided to get off of the train at Chiba Newtown and go Ismhunting and try to capture some of the Ismism with my camera. I've posted some of the images in an Ismhunting Flickr set.

I am an ismhunter.


Nice shots; it's kind of weird seeing so many photos from inside a shopping center though -- in North America trying to do that will get security people on your case faster than you can imagine.

mmmm Engrish!

Lets have heartful ism together in Nature!
Why not try!