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Breaking the 10% rule...
Chart from Nike
Partly because I've always wanted to try a mini-Triathlon and partly because I'm beginning to get minor wear and tear on my body from exercising every day, I've started cycling, swimming and running. It's easier to follow the 10% rule that way too. (Don't increase your exercise routine more than 10% a week.)

My current exercise media of choice for the 3 are:

Running - Podrunner with Nike+ and iPod Nano (just donated to Podrunner)
Swimming - Ambient music on my SwiMP3 (taking a rest while my shoulder repairs)
Cycling (Stationary) - Lost, 24 and other TV episodes and videos on iPod Video.


Snag Battlestar Gallactica for the cycling! Start with the Mini-series and just work thru em all. So much better than that Lost and 24 crap.

Yes, I've been watching Battlestar Galactica too. ;-)

Thank you so much for running with Podrunner and for donating (I'll be sending you a separate email tomorrow). I hope it has helped you with your hard work! (I use it in combination with the Nike+ as well.)

Funny about BSG -- I don't watch it during broadcast; I wait till the DVD sets are out and then eat 'em up in about two sittings. :)

Take care!

BTW It is a Triathlon Sprint - not a mini. Say mini to anyone in the scene and you will get odd looks. Just another sceen for Joi to get into.

Solo sports are self consuming.

Now, every time I hear about it or see it on the street, it strikes me as strange: When you run, run. When you ride the bike, well, cycle all the way, if you lift weights, concentrate on that. Whatever it is, reading, doing homework, talking to somebody - why should a TV, radio, iPod, mobile phone, younameit be clogging up your senses...? Focus.

p.s.: How did you like BSG? ;-)

koko: You seem to harbor a lot of hate for some sports. Maybe you should try meditating. ;-)

Grendel: Good point. I am very "here now" when I'm cycling through the countryside, but often I am on a stationary bike with MTV blaring in room or at a pool with "Classic Rock" blaring. I prefer being out-of-breath with Jack Bower on my iPod or chilling out with ambient music in the pool. I guess I could just wear earplugs and be more present. It's also that I don't have much time for consuming normal media these days since most of my sitting time is spent reading, drawing or... sitting.

On, and podrunner really does help me go that extra distance when I'm running. It is really a high. I do run sometimes without it for a change, but I really enjoy music during runs. Especially on a treadmill... but even outdoors, usually I'm surrounded by the sound of traffic.

Grendel: Normally I agree with your point: Be here now. But the whole point of Podrunner isn't to distract you from your run but to act as an intermediary between mind & body by regulating tempo, in a sense carving neural pathways that help enable consistency which improves endurance, shaves time, etc. I think it has value even if used as a training tool that is later discarded because your body has learned such consistency. Mentally speaking, moving to rhythm is as old as humanity itself, and certain types of music help put you in much the same zone you enter during a hard training session, as anyone who's danced till dawn at a club could tell you.

I'm not proselytizing here; if music during your training doesn't work for you, then it doesn't. But the fact that something doesn't work for you doesn't mean that the thing itself is somehow flawed and shouldn't be used by other people. I don't like licorice, but it's really okay with me if other people eat it. :)