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I'm looking for a personal assistant to work for me at Digital Garage. I wear a variety of hats, but increasingly my business revolves around Digital Garage which is the sponsor of my lab, investor in Technorati, partner for Technorati Japan, major sponsor of Creative Commons, investor in FON, etc. I am a co-founder of and an active board member of Digital Garage.

I am looking for someone who will be my primary personal assistant at Digital Garage. This will involve being in charge of my schedule, coordinating a variety of inbound and outbound requests to organizations and people in Japan, the US and the rest of the world. Nearly fluent Japanese and English are a requirement because there is quite a volume of both written and spoken communication in Japanese and English.

The other quirks of the job are that I'm almost never around physically, although available virtually. The physical location is inside of Digital Garage headquarters in Tomigaya, Tokyo, Japan. The company is a public Japanese company with public Japanese company rules, etc. albeit more casual and flexible than many.

Although primarily it is a 9 to 5 job, it requires a bit of flexibility occasionally.

The recommended personality for the job is someone who is social, anal enough to be capable of organizing my chaos, able to withstand and hopefully enjoy the chaos of my life and relatively comfortable with the Internet and computers.

If you're interested please email recruit at and cc me if you have or can find my email address. If you know someone who might be interested, please pass this request along. Thanks!

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My sister may be able to solve that need, if you're still looking - She is fluent in Japanese and English. Great person, too :)! Let me know if you're still looking and I'll contact her to see if she is interested.


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