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I was messing around on the Nike store trying out the "made to order" Nike+ shoe section. There is an option to label your shoe with your "iD". When I tried "Joi" it said iD declined. It accepted "Jo", "Joichi", "JoiIto" but not "Joi".

According to their policy:

A Personal iD may be declined for any one of the following reasons

* It might violate another party's trademark or other intellectual property rights. These may include words, phrases, celebrity's names, and even certain color combinations when used in connection with particular words or geographic designations.
* It contains profanity, inappropriate slang, might be considered insulting or discriminatory, might be construed to incite violence, or may simply contain material that we do not wish to place on our products.

So what does "Joi" mean that I don't know about? :-\


Ah, someone told me that once. Maybe you're right. ;-)

Joi you! ;P

It says it doesn't allow celebrity names. Maybe you've made such a big name for yourself you can't have Nikes with your name on them! ;)

I'm voting on the 'profanity' option too - your shoes would probably be sewed by Cambodian child labour workers anyways, they shouldn't see a tag *this* profane.
On the other hand, this sucks. I'm sure you can't find a word that doesn't mean something disgusting in another language... Globalisation rocks!

I would love to see their master list of banned words. (Would make for a great poster!)

This reminds me of the guy who wanted "sweatshop" stitched on his Nikes... the chain of e-mails as Nike try to justify their refusal against their terms & conditions is most amusing.

mistery! I've tried with bando and the store said: OK

In fact, I would go for trademark: N-Joi...

May be there's already such a user.

Actually, it's not an iD as in user registration. It just prints it on the shoe and it's done. Should be no reason for it to be unique.

Joi are a British Bollywood-trance fusion band signed to Peter Gabriel's RealWorld label.

I suspect you hit the combination of celebrity and trademark.

Are you related to the slain mayor of Nagasaki?

Same surname.

I agree with Melissa. Your name is in a celebrity directory somewhere (probably the basement of the William Morris Agency.) Confusing you for not-yourself, Nike decided it was afraid of being sued by this Japanese super-tech venture god because some geek put his name on a pair of Nike's.

Hi, Joi:

Maybe this one: Japan Online Institute

1. Joisquatting... Nikesquatting... sneakersquatting... next thing, you'll need a "whois" protocol and a dsipute-resolution procedure for personalized sports shoes, and maybe everything else that accepts names (think keychains! bracelets! dog tags!)

2. Joi - you - already a celebrity name, are not allowed to squat upon your own name! Jun and Melissa have it spot on. Even if you are right that there's no reason for the name to be unique, do we know whether the system allows that? that no registration, first-in-first-served policy exist?