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I've tracked down a weird bug when importing images on my Mac. When my OS X time zone is set to UTC, all of my images are dated 1/1/1970. When I set it to a time zone like JST, the date becomes correct. The dates are affected on my RAW files after they are imported. In other words, when I change to UTC, all of the dates become 1/1/1970. When I change the time zone, images imported in the past become correct.

However, if I process an image using Capture One and convert RAW to jpg, the bad date is fixed and doesn't revert when I change the time zone.

This occurs if I copy the files from the memory directly or if I use Image Capture to import the images.

Has anyone else had this problem? I guess most people don't have their computers set to UTC...


Yes! This was happening to me as well. But, I just started working with RAW files recently so that wasn't a problem for me...

I picked up a Canon 30D with a 2.8 24-70L in september when we had our little girl so I am starting to dive in a bit more now. :) I have 10,000+ images to sort through and organize.

A friend suggested that I try using Extensis Portfolio and Lightroom... does anyone have experience with these? Or other suggestions?

How about setting your OS to use GMT instead of UTC? They're technically the same thing, of course, but your OS might be more willing to regard GMT as a proper time zone than UTC.

(The UK uses daylight savings time, otherwise I'd just suggest setting your OS time zone to "London". There must be a country somewhere in the GMT band that doesn't use daylight savings time... somewhere in west Africa, perhaps?)

Yeah, UTC isn't actually a time zone as such, so maybe the implementation is hairy. I think Kinshasa and Lagos are on GMT and don't have DST, but I couln't swear to it.

You should report the bug to Apple, if you're an ADC member:


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