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I just arrived in San Francisco from Tokyo. My room's not ready at the hotel and there were various complications, but I'm really happy and calm. I feel almost like I do when I'm meditating. I don't know if it's the drawing, all of the reading/talking about Kriya Yoga and Buddhism or just the great weather, but I can't really imagine anything that would stress me out right now.

/me knocks on wood

On the other hand, I better not jinx myself. I'm SURE there are things that could happen right now that would stress me out. Ha!

Also, apologies to my SF friends, but I'm in town for less than one day this trip and won't have much chill-out time. I have to go back to Tokyo tomorrow morning.


Dear Joi-

Pls send destress juice ASAP. Urgent.


Didja try a different hotel? :-)

For my part, I did a Yoga class this morning at a little place down here on the coast. Gorgeous morning!

I still had one reservation at the W left in the queue... one night. I kept that. Not sure where I'll go next. It looks like they upgraded me to a suite, but the room's not ready and I've been waiting for 3 hours or so. :-\

But I went to the gym and the sauna so all good I guess... but now it's starting to run into my meeting time.

Joi, this is probably just random noise, but I have been reading your stuff for some time now and you strike me as a thoroughly good guy. Good to know that in this fast paced tech-world there are others that meditate and know the qualities of quietness and non-stress. I have just handed in and defended my PhD, and thanks to a stable meditation practice I was not swept away be stress in the process. It is good work. I am inspired by the teaching of Andrew Cohen myself, as the notion of 'a creative urge to evolve and change the world' resonates deeply with a designer like my.
Maybe we will meet one day. ciao.