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I immediately thought of this when I saw it. :)

Why would you put your Credit Card number on the web?

Yeah, Joi. Better void that card and whatever else you need to do to prevent Identity Theft (which is bizarre for Buddhist thinking since "self" and "identity" is illusory, heh.)

Nice to see you on Twitter. You should tweet more, since you have so many good links and insights to share.

What are you doing now?

Replace with: "What are you thinking/linking now?"

No. That is not a real credit card number. ;-)

Now the logical step would be to not just have WoW / Second Life credit cards, but to have them customized: I'd guess you'd like to have one of your own avatars printed on your credit card instead of some random generic?

Interestingly nothing on the public site maps what the points redeem at (i.e. how many points = what inside of WOW).

It will be very interesting to see how/if deeper integration of such programs especially with platforms such as Second Life raise very real world currency/tax issues. I'd imagine that like a cash-back program it could be argued if convertible to a "currency" like Linden Dollars then you might owe taxes on it (at least here in the US where interest payments in general are taxable). Though it might also be then argued that any interest payments made to the credit card company might offset that (i.e. unless you never run a balance you likely wouldn't owe money)

But cool nonetheless.

There's no in-game benefit to the card:

"Accrue World of Warcraft gametime at the rate of 1% of every dollar in qualifying purchases. The World of Warcraft Rewards Visa is the only card that pays you to play."

Just game time, not game gold. Not exactly the future of credit: it's still flight miles, just a little more fuel efficient.

I asked my guild who was going to sign up for the card, and the best answer I got back was "When they stop nerfing my class, I'll sign up for their card."


My nephew who is all into World of Warcraft, says it is becoming more a business, a product, and less a game.

A divide is occuring, according to him: players who spend 5 hours a day on WoW vs. players who spend 20 hours a day.

He says users are ignored, and the company is adding features and etc. that the passionate users don't want, making it harder to win, and so on.

Not a gamer, so I have no idea what he's talking about, but anyone else feel the same?

P.S. Joi, I'm sleeping more peacefully now that I know that is a fake credit card number.


I've stopped using all forms of credit cards because they're designed to get people in debt and keep them there. I'm more of a supporter of ditching credit cards.

Just have a look at in case you're not sure just how they're aimed at wreckage maximus.