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I'm at All Things Digital again. This year features, among other things, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on stage together in a joint interview. This should be interesting. It seems unclear whether the video will be released so I'll try to be there to blog it.

Anyone else here?


It would be so cool if they came on stage and said "Hi. I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC..." but I don't think Bill would go for that, somehow. :)

Will you be on your IRC channel if you make it to the interview? (And do you have any idea what time that is? It's not clear what time the Jobs/Gates thing is but I'm guessing it's the "special event" on the program for 6pm... )

Bill gates is really ambitious man. Microsoft currently love to merger with yahoo to win the search engine war. I don't know If bill gates also interested to collaborate with stave job to dominate computer. Hardware and software all together.

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