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Steve Jobs and Walt Mossberg
Just finished watching Walt Mossberg interview Steve Jobs. It was a lot of fun. Both of them were very funny. At one point, Walt asked Steve how many copies of iTunes there were out there compared to the number of iPods. Steve said several times. Since there are 100 million iPods, that there were something like 300 million. They discussed that some people say it is the most popular software product on Windows. Steve said that he received cards and stuff from people saying it was their favorite Windows application. Walt asked him how it felt and Steve said, "It's like sending a glass of iced water to someone in Hell." (Quoted from memory. Might not be exact.)

Steve will be back on stage with Bill Gates later. That should be fun. ;-)

Steve showed the iTV with YouTube in it. He talked a lot about the iPhone and explained that it runs basically a full copy of OS X and Safari minus the "data" such as images and sounds and some UI tweaks. Brian Dear asked why iPhone isn't open and when/if it will be. Steve said it's a hard problem and that they're working on it.



who cares? honestly?


sounds like big fun!

I can't see how making the phone OS as open as the desktop OS is really that difficult? Surely it would just be a matter of removing the code in the configuration file named 'mind-control.txt'.

Of course, now that he has said that it is the same OS, the race will be on to get a non-doctored desktop version of os-x to run on the handheld.