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Dialog box asking you to agree to CC license before downloading to Video Walkman

Saw Masaki and Takeshi from Sony yesterday. They are responsible for Eyevio, Sony's video sharing site. Eyevio uses CC licenses as a default allowing users to select their license when they upload. As Kirai reports, you can sync to the PSP and the Video Walkman. They also have it working with the Video iPod. They use H.264 with no DRM and only allow you to sync CC licensed content. My favorite part of the demo Takeshi did or me with his Video Walkman was when Eyevio popped up a dialog box when you were about to sync the videos that said, "Do you agree to abide by this CC license?" Awesome. Really.

Example: BY-NC-ND video of a blind folded guy in a batting center. ;-)


The link to the video of a blindfolded guy in a batting center took me to a video of a super drumming kid. Wrong link?

Oops. Fixing.

maybe awesome for you, but since its Sony, I know I'll never even be bothered with looking at it. My lack of love for Sony could fill buckets.

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