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Just when I thought I had come home, I'm off on a longish trip again.

I'll be going to Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, US and Puerto Rico. Haven't been to Europe in a few month so looking forward to it, but not looking forward to being away from home for so long again.

I just offset 300,000 miles of flying with 60 tons of wind energy carbon credits at NativeEnergy. Should last me for a bit.

See you on the other side.


Hey Joi, I live in Macedonia and I am very happy that you are going to visit us. When (before during or after the iCommons summit in Dubrovnik)? Will you have a public apearance? What agenda? If you need any info regarding Macedonia or anything else I would be happy to be of any help.

Funny ALi and I will be in PR that same time on vacation. I hope the weather is good for both of us. Hope your travel is well.

I'll be in Macedonia for the CC launch there.


Hi Joi, saw via Twitter you're currently in Berlin... If you're still there on Tuesday, join the Flickr team at this event:



Looks cool. I'll try to make it Bradley.

Where are you going to be visiting in the States? I'd love to get a cup coffee/water with you one morning.

Fellow social entrepreneur,


Hi Joi, when will you be in Puerto Rico? Is it a public event you'll be attending?
Would you be interested/possible to meet up for a cup of coffee or piña colada and interesting conversation?



How is the trip going? Sent you a note, but haven't heard from you. We started our first business (3GUPLOAD.COM) the same time Friendster launched - however, we got out substantially more than the cash payout of the founder (recently disclosed in Fortune) and didn't get all the “press” (I like being an under-the-radar entrepreneur). Now, I'm trying to change the world for the better by targeting the families of the world-- but it is going to take a village. I need help -- will you please contact me when you have a free moment. I’d love to sit down with you when you’re in the States. All the best, David Hosei (Ragamuffin, Family Man, Lifetime Student, Entrepreneur, Active Citizen, Soon to be a Tree Farmer) dhosei (at)