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Pat recommended I try to Pclix for time-lapse. Just recorded dinner in our living room using my Canon 5D. Pretty interesting effect. Now to find something more interesting to shoot.

(5 MB .mov of the dinner)

UPDATE: Put together a day's worth of time-lapse with Wataridori 2 by Cornelius. (29 MB mp4)


Wow. That looks really good. A bit pricey for what is basically an egg timer for cameras though...
Nevertheless, it is getting added to my list of stuff I want but don't need.

The combined cost of that timer and control cable would be more than my camera's worth =P

The video is pretty neat though.

Oooh! I'm totally getting one of those. Although I think you should have saved the cash to buy some legs for those wee little chairs ;-)

gawker is opensource and free and runs on your MBP (for anyone who isn't blessed with as awesome a camera as Joi.)

Wow. That's an awesome dinner room!

And Pclix looks like a groovy very protable solution.

Last time when I did a timelaps was when shooting the teaser for my Internet-series and timelapsed a 12 hour build stage/shoot scene shot down to 1.50 minutes.

If you like you can watch it over at:

Very cool! The Pclix does seem on the pricey end though– I imagine it would be fairly easy to hack together something that does the same thing for lot less.

It's interesting to see that yor are living with so many people, quite happily. (And of course it's well-summarized by the pclix and YouTube. The Cornelius song is also good (I downloaded it from the WIRED CD page of

The pclix is an awesome little device.

Not only does it let you program the intervals of the shots, but actually set the exposure length as well.

For example, I did some time lapsed stuff where I left my camera outside and had pclix programmed to take a 2 minute picture every 2 minutes 1 second, then I could stack them to create:

Or make a movie:

That's some great software that made some excellend videos! I have been wanting something like this. I can't wait to get my copy!

I fully agree with your insightful perspective, actually there is a similar thread at Frontier Blog
( )

That was a splendid little piece of photo animation - a neat reflection of family dynamics during dinner. Because of the gaps between time-lapse it's easier to watch than an hour of dinner in video. What audio would you record from the evening and share? Maybe the sounds of dinner when there weren't any voices? Hmm. This is inspiring!

I enjoyed the video Joi. Your dog making his rounds around the dinner table was the best part. :-)

Hmm. ReCAPCHA is tell me to hump sables...


So much fun! Really, this stuff is great!