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Justin and Pixley

According to Wikipedia, "Justin Hall (born December 16, 1974 in Chicago, Illinois), is an American freelance journalist who is best known as a pioneer blogger (internet-based diarist), and for writing reviews from game conferences such as E3 and the Tokyo Game Show."

I don't know exactly how I officially met Justin, but it was probably through Howard Rheingold or something back in the early early days of the Web. (Howard is one of Justin's mentors.) Justin had a site called Justin's Links from the Underground. It was the first website of his kind where he wrote about his life. This was a great inspiration for my own website which was also one of the earlier personal websites.

Suddenly, Justin decided to move to Japan in 2001 and lived there/here until January 2003. In Japan, we grew closer and he became a closer friend of the family. It was during this period that Justin convinced me to dump my old hand-coded website and switch to Movable Type. Justin was the first webmaster of my blog and is the one who got me started blogging. He was also the one who recommended that we use Movable Type. (Thanks Justin!)

When he was in Japan, he wrote Just In Tokyo, a crazy guide to Japan.

Justin eventually moved to Los Angeles where he studied at USC in Scott's department and recently graduated. In LA he became a member of Mimi and Scott's extended family together with Merci and Pixley Wigglebottom. Pixley is like Justin's doggy twin.

Recently, Justin has become an entrepreneur as he begins to build some structure around his passively multiplayer online game. I'm trying to help him out with this process.

I've really been enjoying watching Justin develop over the years, never losing his super-happy, honest, fun and spazzy core. He's one of the most lovable bundles of energy that I know. He's also great because he's always pushing me to be more social and proactive.


Thank you for this writeup Joi. It was fun to suggest you start blogging and then see you accelerate rapidly beyond my horizons. You've now evolved through many stages of personal expression online that I have never lived.

Social and proactive! My project, Passively Multiplayer Online Games was directly inspired by you. You had the time to blog, and to travel, and to participate in these global conversations about technology and culture, and you still played World of Warcraft at the highest levels. How could I get levels and XP for the time I spent on my computer? I didn't have the social anchor of a guild in WoW; how could I create that community adventuring alongside me through information?

It's been inspiring to see your transformation over the last year. At the core of my being is this body, a body I feel curling under me from too much typing, and bugling at the middle from too much indulgence. You saw your own body and transformed it into something more fun to live in. You exude health and energy and self-discipline these days. You took on this diet and exercise program with a fantastic sense of joy and curiosity. It was a study for you, feeding your mind. And so many folks have become students alongside you! Since you published your results online.

And that is how you appear to approach life: curious and cooperative. You have an eagerness for debate, and for hearing new arguments. That is coupled with a restlessness that keeps you from lingering too long in any one train of thought. It's been so fun to watch you make these intellectual, social, technological moves online.

Thanks for using the internet to spread a spirit of fun and community in knowledge. I'm excited to be a part of that!

Typo: "a crazy guild" -> "a crazy guide"

Too much WOW? :-)

Haha! I'll fix it now. Thanks.

Thanks Justin!

Some people would call "a restlessness that keeps you from lingering too long in any one train of thought," a lack of focus. ;-)

Thanks Justin for checking out Joi's health-and-medicine page; I discovered an article of the Neti Pot. I will lose nothing to give it a try.

Happy to tell u that I benefited from the technology u intoduced.
I'm the last one of the recent millions.
Hattsoff to Justin Hall