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I've been musing about putting together a book of photos or something and have been experimenting with various printing services like Lulu. Recently Carl Malamud pushed me to go forward with this idea. I decided that instead of waiting getting some sort of final book thing, I'd start by just posting Flickr portraits on this blog and writing blurbs about the people in a new "people" category on my blog.

Later, I can decide whether this ends up in something worthy of a book. I've been contributing my photos to people's Wikipedia entries, but I think this form allows me to be a bit more personal about what I can say about the people and provides the reader with the PoV that is absent by design in Wikipedia.

Also, if I do ever end up putting together a book, I might include things the comments so feel free to post things you think might be good to add on that person's page. Also, I guarantee that the book will be CC BY licensed and available for download as well. Of course it will be available here as it unfolds.

Hopefully, this new project will help me get back into tending for my blog. ;-)


I've had good experiences producing books with Mac's iPhoto. Just downloaded Blurb and have heard great things about the print quality from pals at Flickr.

Yeah, I've printed both with Blurb and Apple and I like both of them in terms of quality.

Before someone else points it out... I've been thinking about who I write profiles about. I'd like this not to become pressure on me or guilt. This first pass evolved from thinking about Wikipedia entries so are basically my best friends who have Wikipedia entries, so they are mostly "famous" or at least "noteworthy" from a Wikipedia perspective. They're also men. I realize that this isn't "fair". Not sure what to do about this. I don't want this series of posts to be a "job" where I have to worry about things like gender balance or hurt feelings, but maybe that can't be avoided? Hmm.

There definitely are women in my life who have had significant influence on me who will show up here, but for some reason, most of my current best friends are guys. Not sure what that says about me. I wonder when this changed, considering it used to be the opposite...

Someone thinks these things sound like obituaries.

I think all you can do is to show your intents as the disclaimers; the viewers may feel whatever they will.

All I can say so far as I've read/viewed the profiles, is that those articles describe the writer (Joi) as well as those the writer introduces.

I think this is a spectacular idea, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it. It's a great thing to publicly acknowledge the friends in your life. I have enjoyed the write ups so far...

Hope you find room for the neighbors!