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Although I still haven't decided which camera to take with me, I'll be leaving for Linz in a few hours to attend the Ars Electronica Festival. According to my bio page on the site, this is the 10th year that I've participated. Most years I've gone twice - once for the jury and once for the festival. I think that makes Linz the city I've visited the most in Europe.

I love Ars Electronica and all of the people involved and I'm excited to going back after missing last year. I'll be giving a few talks and will be on a number of panels. A few of them are linked from the speaker page. Otherwise I will probably be wandering the installations and the talks with my camera.

See you there!


Hi Joi

I interviewed you a couple of years ago for my podcast. Now I'm back with Danish broadcast. Can we find time for an interview?

nice. linz is my hometown, spent most of my life there before moving to vienna and then london. if i knew you've been there the past couple of times i would have gone joi-ito-spotting. this year i'm missing out.