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Dopplr announced the closing of their seed round which I participated in.

Dopplr is social network for travelers. While it is possible to sync your travel schedules with people using other applications, no application that I know of has focused on and delivered the answer to the "when are we in the same city next?" question so well. The upside of Dopplr is that it does this VERY well and is perfect for people like me who usually meet my friends while traveling. The downside is that it's not that useful for people who don't travel or don't have any friends who travel.

The other great thing about Dopplr is that it was founded by, funded by and is being developed by some of my best friends..


I've been using dopplr for a while and its nice. Hope they'll put it inside Facebook too.

unfortunately the most interesting feature, namely tracking my friends via RSS; is not working.
What I mean is that the feed requires authentication, which is something that is not possible for Google Reader to keep.
You really need to fix that somehow - I'm not going to use a Windows reader to be able to do that... (well, effectively Google should fix that, but you might be faster in providing a solution (I hope))

Thanks for the input. I'll let them know.

Thanks Joi! :)

Preetam, early Facebook integration is already available and we are working on more goodies on that front.

Mr. Koehntopp, that particular problem should have been fixed when we changed our feed security mechanism a few weeks back. Instead of putting the feed behind authentication, we provide a URL with an unguessable string attached (so that you need to explicitly give it to someone if you wsh to share your info with. We take your privavcy, and the privacy of your network, quite seriously. :) I entreat you to please revist us and try that feed again. And please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further issues.

We actively watch our Get Satisfaction forum for this kind of feedback and direct interaction with our users. Please do come by anytime.

Joi, I wouldn't say that's a *downside*. Dopplr is useful to that group of people who travel alot and who have friends who travel alot. In that regard, we cater to a rather specific niche, that's all. :)

Dopplr is also very useful to people who don't travel much, but who live in a town where people travel to it a lot; e.g. Ann Arbor has people flying in all the time to UM to guest lecture and talk and having some visibility into that people-stream is great.

Another use case is conference pre-planning for events you are not going to but where you have friends going - I know that if certain city/date pairs show up in the net that people are at specific events.

Boris: It's a downside for investors, not users. ;-)

I havent tried it yet but it can be usefull if it gains detail level and you can name streets instead of cities. And if you can have as a plugin for any other agenda manager can be great, send the invites with a unique location, not the url to a map, and you could import that location to your portable gps...

does it make sense?

i should try doppler.. is it by invitation?


I can't see people who don't travel much using it just to be able to meet people who do.