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Eight months since I started my vegan diet, I still feel much healthier than when I started, but with more alcohol, bread, pasta, rice and salt, I've slipped off the wagon a bit. I'm meditating less, exercising less, regained about 25% of the total weight I lost and don't have the euphoria that I had at the beginning. So as of today, I'm going to do the Eat to Live six week detox plan again. Basically the same vegan diet I'm on right now, but no salt, refined grains, alcohol or oils. See you on the other side. ;-)

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Good Luck Joi. I got off the wagon recently and got back on the diet. Still 99% vegan but started to substitute complex carbs when that was all the was available and now seem to be snaking on cards again.

I still want to loose another 2 inches of my waist and get rid of a bit more chubby face and belly. The stubborn spots that do not seem to go away.

Its better the second time. no learning curve :)

good luck, Joi, wise thing to do. You're going to feel great.

Good luck, Joi.

As a result of your last "fat club" challenge in late 2004, I was inspired to eat well and exercise regularly. By the end of 2005, I was in the best shape of my life. Looked great and felt great.

Later I moved to the UK, where I currently reside. And after a steady diet of daily lagers with chicken tikka masala and crisps; combined with absolutely no exercise, I'm afraid to say that I'm not in the greatest of shape anymore. Signed up with a convenient gym here in central London, and will start going to it religiously again.

Thanks again for the inspiration.