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Federated Media is doing a campaign with Wikia for HP to get people to talk about PC’s to promote the hot new HP Blackbird. The Blackbird is a high-end, water cooled mod-friendly PC designed for gamers and other high-end users. They are trying to get people to talk about PC needs and the Blackbird on the Blackbird Wikia site.

They asked me to do a video so here it is.

FWIW, I think it’s a cool idea. I wasn’t paid to do the video although I’m an investor in Wikia so obviously benefit from this.

Oh, and they are giving away free Blackbirds to some of the people who participate in the conversation on the Wiki.


I'm sure the blackbird is going to be a great product, and I use windoze myself, but to be honest, I think you need a PC like you need a hole in your head.

The Blackbird looks sexy. We wish that everyone in our class could have one.

Black bird - a great name. Just like the supersonic plane.