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Larry on Danish TV talking about his new work on stopping corruption and why corruption is the root of many of our most significant problems.


Thanks so much for posting this Joi!

I had a good talk with Larry last month about doing the community produced content on legislation!

Working with Jimmy Wales and Bill Bradley for creating a wikipedia like site for politics. See and for the results of the workshop we had in August. will go live on the 15th I hope.

I get to go talk to the NZ govt in November. They actually put up a real wiki on the police riot act. We will talk about my software design and how it could possibly help them in the future.


I blogged about it, too

See some key phrases from his interview:

“… in America, at least, most people think, government is corrupt…”

“…I find my own academic colleagues, increasingly selling their views to the higher bidder, and testifying in Congress about what the right answer to a tax policy is, based on that…”