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I’ve just joined the board of directors of Sanrio Digital based in Hong Kong, which among other things does the online stuff for Hello Kitty. It’s a joint venture between Sanrio and Typhoon Games which is run by my good friend Yat Siu. A full press release is on their blog.

I am now reachable at joi (at) ;-)

UPDATE: You can see the various services we are providing already at Sanriotown. You can get your free Hello Kitty email address there too.


That is SO COOL!

The email address, I mean!


Congratulations. Looks like a cool and fun company.


I have to admit, I'm jealous. Of the email address. :-)

Actually, anyone can get a free email here:


Wooho! Hello Hello Kitty! :-)

My daughter would want that email address.

Ah. I was hoping for Bandai! I'm a crayon shinchan fan :(
Congrats anyway.

hk served as THE role model in the early days when i created the corporate identity for i love it because it was the first comic creature that i met that was a pure brand ... -> with no real story! i was talking about this in the "new wave" morning show in japanese radio in 2001. it was 7AM on xmas day and i had to do the live phone interview from the toilet of my friends house... it was the only place where i didnt wake up the family and some etoy.AGENTS who were still recovering from a hard party night.

joi, you have to tell me more about your work there and what kitty plans. total world domination i hope!

Sanriotown looks like a Nerf version of :-) Another site I often say HELLO Kitty! Well maybe not kitty ;-) Congrats man.

you rock.


I now have. THE. Most pimp-fab email-addy evar.

Joi, you rock 33 degrees of hardcore.

As if you didn't already know.


Oh, and yeah, as a sidenote, congrats on that whole Board of Directors thing... Heh. :D i have something to make fun of YOU about!! Congrats man.....but now who's the one deserving the nickname you gave me!?