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We did another photo walk the other day. This time we wandered around Shibuya. I just realized that I didn’t blog about it. I posted my set to Flickr and you can see the images of the rest of the photographers tagged with ccphotowalk071111. Thanks to everyone who participated and special thanks to Fumi and Mika for organizing everything.


Those photos are unbelievable! How do you get such rich colors? Do you use a particular image editing program?

I use Capture One Pro for my Hasselblad images and LightRoom for my M8 images.

Hey Joi.

I wonder if you thought of tagging up your photos with lat, long and direction (the Quakr Taggr may help - ) so you could browse them in the Quakr Viewr ( )... The photos in your set look especially applicable to our 'build the world one photo at a time' tagline...



Oddly, the URL from text creation process for your comments has made the trailing bracket part of the first URL, and not noticed the second one.

I guess spaces between the ends of a URL and the brackets are required -- any chance you could edit as it seems I can't?