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Denied in Dubai.

Time to fire up my VPN…


Or use Hellotxt.

Uhm, well, I wonder why you've been blocked though!

They weren't blocking me, they were blocking Twitter...

Funny how much easier it is to get adult websites than access to genuine social networking in some countries.

Was flickr blocked too?

I saw your great shots from Dubai appear on flickr and was wondering whether the flickr ban was still in effect. Earlier this year, I was unable to access flickr from within UAE but managed to upload photos while in Oman.

no way... what do they have against twitter?

Joi's Title, if you read it two... three times makes sense... in a maybe an intended Humor... but great Nonetheless T.t.t.t.twitter...t.t.t.T almost rhymes with David Bowie Song: Changes...

If I got a warning like that while working, I will definitely be reaching out to a box to start packing Cuz it looks like serious violation... Haha...

Did you print screen the image or use a screen capture tool like snag it?

This the kind of stuff friends of ours work on everyday, Joi.

The Berkman Center's OpenNet Initiative:

And GlobalVoices Advocacy:

The UAE is notorious for Internet Censorship:

If the message in the block screen doesn't put a chill down your spine, just wait until the U.S. and Japanese governments start doing it: