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Loic and Geraldine listening to talks at Le Web

The second day of Le Web 3 is starting today, but I unfortunately have to leave in a few hours to go to San Francisco to attend the Creative Commons board meeting and the 5th anniversary party later this week.

Le Web 3 was the best conference of its kind I attended this year. Great venue, great team and awesome speakers. Loic, Geraldine and team, super job. Thanks! Interestingly, my favorite talks were the two non-web people: Hans Rosling and Philippe Starck. Everyone else was great too. Ev gave an thought provoking talk about the importance of less features. (I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently too…) The “Kevin Rose - DIGG in conversation with Sarah Lacy - Author” was funny too. Anyway, I’m not positive, but I assume they will end up online. Worth taking a look. I talked about the World of Warcraft and Creative Commons. Yes. I managed to make a connection. ;-)

The only bad thing that happened to me was my file system melt-down that caused me to lose a bunch of stuff. The conference team was able to get me a copy of Leopard that I installed which allowed me to restore enough of my functionality to do my presentation.

However, as I was messing around around with it this morning, I managed to erase 5 gigs of original RAW images from trip. :-\ I was able to salvage some and have posted them on a set on Flickr.


LE WEB3 IN Weblive : beuuuurkkk, is it vpod?

Great speech yesterday! Not sure if that will be enough to erase the stigma of games and if the establishment supports the idea that a nurse in your WoW guild is a much greater team leader than an MBA graduate ;-)
Times are a-changing indeed.

Hey, I really liked your speech at Le Web! You made me think about starting with WOW myself, but I'm afraid that it'll become a major addiction!
I actually tried to catch you at the networking party on Tuesday evening, but you were too fast for me ;-)
Just wanted to share with you that we will be celebrating together with our friends from CC Germany the birthday party tomorrow in Berlin. Our birthday present will be the German domain "" which we have owned for a while.
Cheers from Berlin!
Andrea | |

Hi Joi,

Your speech was really great at LeWeb3.

May be you remember, I'm the guy who came to meet you, at the beginning of the Netvibes Party. We have set up a Team Building solution based on World of Warcraft and I really wanted to thank you to Evangelize with us about business uses of MMORPG !

I would be very pleased if you could send me the slideshow you used (for personal use, of course !) or if you have a video of the speech you made. I can sign something to make you sure we will not use it for business.

My email address will be in the comment you'll receive.

Congrats again and hope to see you again soon !

I don't know how anyone can suffer an iBook OS crash with OS/X or even lose footage from their SLR digital camera. In the latter case, the camera software asks you "Do you want to format the media?" to confirm. It's not that easy to delete them accidentally, except if one is tired or not paying attention.

Tho the pictures are wonderful, and the coverage of le Web 3.0 great because the higher turnout of women at such conferences.

This definitely beats any hacker convention, which appears to be for adolescent males and almost inherently sexist, probably due to the youth of participants.

If you delete images off of your camera after you copy them to your computer and then lose the information on your computer, you lose your images.

software that can recover pics from your camera memory card even after format:

Yes, I actually did recover a number that way, but I had already started shooting over the memory card and had lost some.

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