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Mozilla Japan is currently running the Get Firefox Video Awards event, an online promotion for Firefox where over 100 Japanese video artists and animators have created some amazing videos to promote Firefox within 30 seconds. This is similar to the Firefox Flicks contest from a few years ago. I am one of the judges along with Hiroyuki Nakano, Chiaki Hayashi, Andrew Thomas and Chibi Takita of Mozilla Japan. The party to announce the winners of this event will be on Tuesday, December 18th in Tokyo at Super-Deluxe, starting at 19:30. The event is free and should be a lot of fun. Not sure if I can make the event myself but it should be a great event and I hope you can go to support some wonderful Japanese artists and creators. Registration for the event is at the home page of the Get Firefox Video Awards.


The event was really cool. It's a shame you couldn't be there.

Anyway, for all people who couldn't make it, I wrote an article in my blog (with pics and videos). Here is the direct link to the posting:

Joi, I hope this shameless plug is OK. If not, sorry and please erase this comment.

Thanks for posting about this. I was interested in how well many of the videos worked even for a non-Japanese speaking viewer like myself. "The Night," one of the prize winners, was really delightful.