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At LeWeb3, Dopplr announced (the release) that they have officially launched and are now open for registration without invitations. BBC did a nice story.

Dopplr is currently my primary way of figuring out where I can meet friends coincidentally because it allows me to track where my travels overlap with my friends.

The only problem is that I can’t yet mark what days I’m busy so all of the extra opportunities to meet often stress my already busy scheduling. Personally, I think the net result is that we have more informed choices and opportunity, but we have to build the tools and the social norms for all of this, just like we’re having to develop them for the always-on mobile Internet.

PS I’m an investor in Dopplr.


I found Dopplr is very useful for coordinating meetings with my colleagues when visiting subsidiaries. Sure, there are some improvements to be made but all in all it is quite useful to me so far.

Sound great, and something I'd use, but....

I wonder when they'll integrate it with Facebook,

Personally, I've given up re-entering all my friends into yet another SN site! The effort is rarely worth it.

(Of course - ideal would be a standard, rather than one proprietrary API, but in the meantime many great ideas will have to do without me ....)

- Mitra

We do have a Facebook app called "Dopplr: Where Next?"
It allows you to control the level of disclosure you wish to make of your travels to your Facebook friends, since your privacy is very important to us. We like to consider Dopplr a feature of the Internet, not just Facebook or whichever flavor of the month, and are big proponents of Small Pieces, Loosely Joined.

Also, we make it very easy for you to "import" your friends, via various portable social network methods, so you don't have to re-enter them manually. (Personally, I do not like crossing contexts and you'd find, if I let you look, that I have very little overlap across all my various social sites.)

Standards take a long time to hash out. Sadly sometimes we have to sit through a long period of competing candidates, some of which are proprietary and most just badly thought out. All in good time. :)