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I Twittered this but forgot to blog it. :-P

From the Twitter Blog:

Despite the fact that Twitter is in English, we continue to see exciting growth from all over the world. Japan, in particular shows a very strong and growing demand for Twitter services. Movatwitter and Twitterpod are great examples.

To support continued growth in Japan, Twitter has formed a partnership with Digital Garage to create the official Twitter Japan service. As part of this arrangement, Digital Garage has made an investment in Twitter, Inc and will commit engineering and other development resources to help us bring Twitter to Japan.

We're really excited about Twitter Japan because it's a big step towards our goal of becoming a worldwide communication network. We'll have more news for you about Twitter Japan and Twitter in other parts of the world as we make progress.

Gratz Rocky, Minami and the team who worked on the deal.

I am a co-founder of Digital Garage and I am on the board. Digital Garage is a strong supporter of CC and the main sponsor of my lab. While I continue to do some deals personally, most deals that involve active support in Japan involve my team at Digital Garage.

BTW, I'm Joi on Twitter.


I'm on twitter too, i have barely used it though ... i still don't understand it's real value??

Hi Joi,

A late post in response to your original one however just wanted to quickly chime in with some added perspective now that it has been 6 months since your post about bringing Twitter to Japan. Of course we can see that the Japanese capability is now available for general users here, however after checking out the Alexa rankings of Twitter recently within Japan, I see that it's traffic rank within Japan has been leveling off after a steady climb. This is aside from the spikes of major events such as Akihabara and such, however despite it still being early for Twitter here in Japan, are you a bit concerned over the what's new/next culture ready for something else? Or are the scaling issues coupled with service expectations being high in Japan damaging Twitter's appeal? Just curious as to your thoughts.

Hi, I started looking at social networking this year and have invested some time with Twitter and for such I wrote an open-source Squeak client to educate myself. Now I am in a better understanding of the concept, I became interested in how Twitter is bridged with SMS around the globe. From, we know SMS is available in the US, Canada, UK and India. Now getting to know Digital Garage started Twitter in Japan, I would like to know what the site is and if SMS is supported and what cellular carriers (I know only NTT DoCoMo by name) are bridged.

Would be interested in doing a test case to show my client posting tweets and direct messages to a Japanese Twitter subsciber on both English, Japanese, Prortuguese and Spanish, and terminating tweets into her-his mobile device,

Would you jind reader join me at twitter,com/ccrosetti

Regards, Carlos