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When I was in London, Cory gave me a copy of his new book Little Brother. I read it mostly on the plane and while traveling through London, Hong Kong, Macao and Tokyo airport security. The book is about a future where there is a terrorist attack on San Francisco and DHS in the US gets overzealous and starts abusing their power. The hero of the story is a teenage hacker who decides to declare war on the DHS and take back his civil liberties.

It's a great story about teenagers, net culture, security, activism and politics and was a lot of fun to read. It references a lot of real-life stuff like XBox hacks and ARGs and is classic Cory.

Anyway, it should be coming out soon and I would recommend it to people who like that kind of stuff as well as recommend recommending it to people who still think that fighting terrorism the way we currently are makes any sense at all.

It's also pretty good timing considering the upcoming election in case there is any doubt on which way Americans should vote on security vs civil rights issue.


A good indicator of how bad things have gotten is that I immediately thought "no way would I carry that kind of book through US security."
Having been through their so-called secondary searches several times, I know that book would to put it...unwelcome attention?

my bad for not checking out the link before running to 2 book stores, the book is not available yet :(

So what does one have to do to get a copy of the book in ones hands?

Wait until the end of April when Amazon starts selling the book. Or you could download a copy shortly after and print it out. He's Cory Doctorow; it's not like he's going to mind.