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I'm leaving today for the 24/7: A DIY Video Summit. My sister Mimi blogs:

We are in the early stages of a fundamental transformation in how we create, share and view video. This transformation is enabling a new media ecology that can support widespread amateur video creation, and peer-to-peer and many-to-many distribution to audiences both large and small. Although it is clear that there is tremendous demand for user-generated and bottom-up forms of digital video, it remains unclear how best to support these activist and creative projects, what the implications are for documentary and artistic practice, and how to build bridges between old and new media. Although there are many events that cater to specific constituencies with in the Internet and DIY video communities, so far there has not been an event that convenes the wide range of actors involved in this arena, including different creative communities, technology developers, academics, and policy makers.

The goal of the event is to catalyze relationships and dialog that will further the public interest in the Internet video space, and to provide a showcase for new forms of work that are emerging from amateur and grassroots video creation communities. We will be featuring academic panels, workshops, and screenings of DIY video genres that include live action "vidding," activist media, machinima, video blogging, political remix, anime music videos, youth selected videos, and independent arts videos. Featured speakers include Yochai Benkler, John Seely Brown, Joi Ito, Henry Jenkins, Lawrence Lessig, and Howard Rheingold. The hope is to discover common ground, and to chart the path to a future in which grassroots and mainstream, amateur and professional, artist and audience can all benefit as the medium continues to evolve.

Details can be found at:

I'm on a variety of panels and a workshop. The schedule is available online.One panel that I'm really looking forward to participating in is:
Plenary: Envisioning the Future of DIY Video
Moderator: Howard Rheingold.
Panelists: Joi Ito, Yochai Benkler, Henry Jenkins, John Seely Brown and Lawrence Lessig
Apparently most of the session will be webcast, but this one will be taped and uploaded for technical reasons.

Anyway, look forward to seeing many of my friends and sharing thoughts with everyone.

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