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From Larry

This site hosts this video to explain the launch of two exploratory projects -- first, a Change Congress movement, and second, my own decision whether to run for Congress in the California 12th.

I have decided I want to give as much energy as I can to the Change Congress movement. I will decide in the next week or so whether it makes sense to advance that movement by running for Congress.

Many friends have weighed in on that decision -- both strongly in favor and strongly opposed. Many more have joined and a Facebook group asking me to consider it.

Watch or listen and you will understand some of my reasoning. Feel free to send your thoughts or advice to (though please excuse any slowness in my response).

-- Larry Lessig, February 19, 2008

See Lessig08 for more information.

Go Larry!

UPDATE: Why Larry is not running.


well... they where both right... from the ground up.... that's how grass grows... grassroots movement.
LOL.. nice video ;))
interesting blog too... are you interested in link exchange... i see a faceroll (that's very cool).. if we do a link exchange will that necessarily be a picture of me? :D (it's ok either way).

Very nice video. I like the title - 10 min to announce 2 ideas.