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This is a request from the CC team. If you've got any stories, please let us know!

Flickr Re-Use Stories

Calling all Flickr photographers and CC-licensors - we are compiling a list of interesting and/or unique stories of re-use of CC-licensed photos on Flickr and we need your help!

If you or someone you know has had their photographs reused in an intriguing way, please send the story and corresponding photograph to melissa AT creativecommons DOT org. This is super significant in helping us explain to the larger community why CC is important for photographers. We have a short time frame and any help from those in the CC community is greatly appreciated!


[I left the following comment on the site but not sure it was saved:]

Making my photos available on flickr using a CC-license has made wonderful things happen. My photos have been used in classrooms, in books and on blogs. They have been used to illustrate articles in Wikipedia or help charities' fund-raising campaigns.

Some 41 of my flickr photos (that I know of) have been used through CC (although I am actually making thousands available). I have tagged each one of them 'ccpublished' and generally write a comment on the photo with a link to where it has been used:

I have so many on Wikipedia that I can't keep track. Countless magazines (from Science to Maxim) and books (from textbooks in multiple languages to one for the blind (go figure)), calendars, and even a couple board games.

Getting a photo on the Charlie Rose Show was the coolest surprise.

I created a set of some of my favorites:

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