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On panel with Jun Murai, the father of the Japanese Internet

Today is the 20th anniversary of the WIDE project which created the Japanese Internet. Thanks to Skype (is there a good h323 client for the Mac?), I'm in two places at once and was able to join the panel in Japan even though I'm in the UK. I think Vint Cerf also joined by video. It is working much better than I expected considering I'm just on hotel wifi, although the connection is probably super-charged with Google magic. (I'm at the Google Zeitgeist conference in the UK.)

Maybe I CAN stop flying around as much and attend these sorts of things by video... on the other hand, maybe I'll just end up having keep traveling and join panel discussion in the middle of the night by video more.

I realize video conference isn't a new thing, but it seemed easier and more casual than I remember it being.


I love remote participation, both when I have to speak at conferences, and when other speakers intervene remotely. The experience is getting better and better, and I have also been able to make it even more complicated by being in three places at once! ...In front of a physical audience, while in front of a Second Life audience, while being narrowcasted to a remote physical audience at the same time. Very interesting, and it worked well.

It was also great an other time to give a lecture to a US school via Skype, and a few months later visit physically the same University, and lecture in front of the people who attended the previous one.

With Dopplr adding our CO2 calculations these are exactly the technologies that we have to leverage, to make sure that when we fly it is for a very good reason, and that we treasure physical meetings as they deserve.


> is there a good h323 client for the Mac?

XMeeting - free & open source

I've used it. Works OK.

Cool. Thanks Stephen.

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