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NHK, the Japanese public broadcaster and the largest broadcaster in Asia, will use Twitter for a live TV special called "SAVE THE FUTURE". Twitter will be used to connect the studio and the viewing public.

The Twitter account is: NHK_onair

Also, NHK recently started a YouTube channel. Go NHK! ;-)


I hope Twitter is functioning when the show is broadcast!

Recently I switched to Twitter as my primary 'status' blog, since it appeared to be established and popular. The frequency of service disruption is pretty high - I'm starting to doubt my choice. Even SMS messages aren't cached - they just never appear if you happen to send one at the wrong time. The recent CNN story of the young journalist who 'Twittered' his way out of Egyptian jail could easily have been tragically different, it would seem!!

In trying to post a comment on here, I tried with two different OpenIDs to log into Movable Type, and neither of them worked.

I love where the web is going, and have great respect for people who are putting their inventive ideas into practice, but is Web 2.0 really ready yet?? Should these services be public, and if they are in their current state could they be doing more harm than good in terms of user experience and perception?

Cool idea. I would buy one. But I'm pretty sure the Dragon's Den would be pretty skeptical.

But the real question is whether or not NHK will still be taking fax submissions during the broadcast!
At the very least, at least NHK is beginning to show signs of following suit with their national broadcasting counterparts from around the world (BBC, CBC, ABC, NPR, et al) who have expanded their audiences and message reach through the web.

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