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Video by Mike Arrington - See Techcrunch for writeup.

Dave Sifry, founder of Technorati, launched Offbeat Guides today. It's a travel guide service that produces both printed and downloadable PDF travel guides for you on the fly from a variety of publicly available sources. It's customized based on questions it asks you about your upcoming trip.

Currently, my assistant (thanks Mika!) prepares a Socialtext wiki page for every trip I'm about to make with all of the various things that I need to know about my trip. I usually print this page along with the weather, power plug info, exchange rate and maps the day that I leave. I think Offbeat Guides will alleviate about 70% of this process and allow Mika to focus on the business documents instead of having to worry about the weather, maps, restaurant guides and tipping customs of each country I'm about to visit. Yay!

I'm looking forward to more integration with things like Dopplr so I can park all of my travel stuff in one place.

The other neat thing is that Dave has two people working on contributing to Wikipedia and Wikitravel called Travel Content Curators. Offbeat Guides draws on a lot of the free content on the Internet and Dave says that one of the key things he's working on is how to contribute back to the community. He assures me he working on the licensing for his content to be as free as possible.

Gratz on your launch Dave.

Disclosure: I'm an investor in Technorati, Socialtext and Dopplr.