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This is a bit "horse-before-the-carriage" but I feel compelled to share and ask for support.

Since the end of last year, we've been working on a book called "Freesouls" based on portraits that I've taken in the last year or so. I promise to blog more about this soon.

As part of the book, we've asked a number of people to contribute essays. Recently, Isaac Mao introduced us to this great project called yeeyan. yeeyan is a translation community site. They have started working on translating the essays into Chinese. Sooo cool. They are about 30% through the translation process. They're looking for people to help proofread the translations. If you are fluent in Chinese and can help, we'd greatly appreciate it.


Hi, I'll ask my girlfriend to proofread. She's a high school teacher in Shanghai. My chinese is very bad...

Thanks Taiichi!