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Here's my first Flowgram. It's in closed beta right now and I'm an adviser and an investor. It's lets you put audio narration over a bunch of links or photos. It's sort of like a podcast with bookmarks.

One thing I learned when using it was how crappy my microphones are. This is actually a good way to get people to upgrade their mics since most people don't really get to hear how awful they sound when they're talking on Skype. So apologizes about the sound quality on my first Flowgram. I'll work on getting a better mic.

Abhay Parekh
This is Abhay, the founder of Flowgram. I met him through Reid. I took this with my new Canon which has auto-focus. The good thing about auto-focus is that it's easy. The bad thing is that it often focuses on the tip of the nose instead of the eyes, where I want my focus. I guess I need to learn to use my camera as well. :-P

UPDATE: Oh, and the pages are "live". So you can hit "pause" on the Flowgram and click a YouTube video in a page to watch the video, and then "play" again on the Flowgram after watching the video to go back to my awesome narrative.


Interesting service, great content :)

Two questions or comments: 1) do you have to go to the Flowgram page to see the audio? It would be better if you could see it on your site instead of having to go to flowgram. 2) your rss feed says "(title unknown) for this post

Hmm. That's weird about the RSS.

Yeah, having an embedded play mode would make sense. I'll suggest it to them.

Really, really cool. It's kind of adictive!

And yes, embedded play would be great. Also being able to see the urls you are showing would be great. I guess they don't want people to jump outside while seeing the presentation, so maybe just showing a list of all urls at the end...

Yeah, I did tell them about the URL thing. ;-)

I can think of many uses, both serious and fun -- for personal and professional reasons. It's a great idea. I agree, an embed feature would be very helpful -- and I think it would help in getting the service in front of more users. I think it's a perfect freemium product -- people like me would pay for a "Pro" version instantly. Can't wait to play with it myself when it becomes more available.

I'm a member of the Flowgram team. Thanks for the feedback on Joi's Flowgram. We are definitely listening and plan on adding audio and url previewing to our embeddable widget.

Feel free to visit if you want to sign up for the private beta.

Thanks again,
Tony Lopez

I'm thinking too of several uses I could give to this tool. It would be great during "virtual" photography sessions, while telling stories (travels, business, etc) and when we make etnoghraphic analysis and need to show a lot of pics with an associated oral description. I'm looking forwards to become a beta tester too :-)

Doesn't Flowgram support captioning for the deaf and hearing-impaired?