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AT&T Online Billing

Ms. Suspicious has nothing to hide. Well, she has a little to
hide, but her love of Online Billing isn't one of them. She and the other
Online Liberation Movement(sm) members have all made online billing work for
them, whether they need simplicity, convenience, flexibility, or just peace
of mind.

In a recent marketing ad, AT&T makes a really bad joke poking fun at people upset about their warrantless wiretapping. Bad taste. I think I'm going to cancel my AT&T phone number.

Via Reading (for Dummies).


This is disgusting.

Apart from making light of an extremely serious issue, poking fun at the EFF/ACLU/etc, its just not even really effective advertising.

Hi Joi

the chances that the bureaucracy at AT&T was organized enough, clever enough and bold enough to slip in a joke about wiretapping is vanishingly close to zero.

I chalk this one up to a pretty lame joke, and a vast amount of cluelessness, not an organized attempt to actually make a point.

Rule 1: big organizations rarely have a sense of humor
Rule 2: business to business ads are the lowest form of intelligent life.

Ahh interesting view Seth. The "never attribute to malice, that which can be sufficiently explained by stupidity" rule. It will be interesting to see how ATT responds, if at all.

Way off here. I went to the actual ad campaign to see what it was about. There's Ms Proof, Ms Suspicious, Mr Sentimental, Mr My Way, Ms Forgetful and Mr Upgrade, and seriously lame video clips about how each of them likes online billing. For example, Ms Proof's clip shows her demanding receipts from the hot dog vendor and the parking meter. Har har har. Ms Suspicious makes it clear she thinks her coworkers are all backstabbers. Har har har. Etc. etc.

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