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View from my tent

The FOO in FOO Camp stands for "Friend of O'Reilly". That's Tim, not Bill. Anyway, every year, he invites a smallish group of people to Sebastopol to hang out and talk. One problem is that since Tim has a largish group of friends, not everyone gets invited and this sometimes causes hurt feelings. However, I think that there is definitely a maximum size that you can make a meeting like this before it becomes less productive and I think it's just right.

So thanks to Tim and the O'Reilly crew for making tough choices, organizing everything and throwing an amazingly fun and useful meeting.

The last time that I attended FOO was in 2005. I stayed in a hotel nearby and had a great time, but I definitely had more fun this year camping and staying in my tent. If nothing else, the ability to ignore my jet lag and join the 24 hour conversation whenever I wanted was a lot of fun.

Although the sessions were great, catching up with old friends and making ones was the most fun. Also, hearing about the super-secret, face-to-face only stuff was useful too. ;-)

I've posted my images in a Flickr set. I think that the calibration on my laptop is possibly screwed up and doing some of this work in a yellow tent didn't help. I'll try to fix some of messed up colors. Apologies to those who look over saturated.


Bill has a different camp called FOB camp where they fob snowballs at human secularists who are caroling on Christmas Eve.

But Tim and Bill are both of Irish heritage, so they might agree on something once in a while ! Like a good pint? I dunno.

How do you always manage to take such amazing photographs? Not just the shots, but the clarity...

DD: Thanks. A lot of the clarity is from good lenses and sensors. I also shoot RAW and massage the color balance and other things in Adobe Lightroom before posting. This set was shot with my Canon DSM3 and Leica M8.