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Starting today, I'm teaching an intensive class on Digital Journalism at the Keio University Graduate School of Media Design. Although I've taught courses at trade schools and classes at universities, this is the first real "course" that I've taught at a university. I'm looking forward to it, but am also a bit nervous.

There are eleven students signed up so far, which is fairly small, but probably easier and more fun for me.

The course is packed into a single week, starting with 2 X 90 minute classes for the next three days then a single 90 minute class on Friday. I decided to make this workshop-like and spend the first half of each of the long days talking and discussing and the second half more like a lab where we actually do stuff.

I'm going to spend the first day doing an overview of journalism, blogs and various tools and will try to get the students online and using some of the tools on the first day. I'll divide the students into teams and have each team work come up with a story that they want to work on.

On the second day, we'll focus on researching our stories. I'm going to require at least one online interview with someone so setting that up will also probably happen on this day.

The third day will be focused on producing the story and publishing it. I'll let the students use what ever mix of media they want to use including photography, video, audio and text. I'll also let them choose where and how they want to publish, but I will require some sort of ability for participation of the public. (BTW, this is where all of YOU come in.)

On the final day, I'll have the students discuss and critique their works.

I hope this turns out to be interesting for me, the students and you. I'll be blogging updates here and in other places like Twitter. We're going to be using Google Sites for main page of the class.

If you have any suggestions on stories, tools and other things we should consider, please comment here or on the Google Sites page.


You and just other 11 students... why is that class so far far away from Argentina? ;)

I am looking forward to watching how this class expresses itself on the web.

I am in Jou Grad school and will soon be the teaching assistant for the intro visual comm class for first year grad students that touches on Photography, Design and Web.

Would it be possible for me to audit this class through some form of telepresence such as Qik? Non-interacting of course.

Sounds great, maybe make one of the student's projects reporting on this class, videos, photos, etc :) Share it with the world.

Very pleased to hear you are teaching. I think you and the students will learn a lot together. Let me know if you need any resources. Here are my course bookmarks (all web course related). I also have assessment documents and original assignments I've created. I intend to put these all together in a wiki to share with other teachers but haven't had time. Right now, I'm just using Google docs to share with other likeminded wired teachers.