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I just got this from Susan Crawford today.

OneWebDay,, is an Earth Day for the Internet that happens each September 22 all around the world. Two years ago, I had fun on OneWebDay making some videos with Bob Pepper in Tokyo.

OneWebDay's theme this year is online participation in democracy, and I plan to use OneWebDay as an opportunity to speak out about the power of the Net to help all of us expand the idea of citizenship and be part of day-to-day democracy.

Who knows where I'll be on Sept. 22. There will be a network of OneWebDay events across the U.S. and around the globe. To catch up with what's happening go to the OneWebDay site, To start thinking about possible actions you can take on 9/22, go to

In addition to Susan being one of the coolest people around, I think OneWebDay is a really important way to remind ourselves that we need to do stuff to keep the Net open and remind everyone about how important the web and the open Internet are for open society.

I'll be participating from wherever I am. I looks like I'll either be in Dubai or Tokyo on the 22nd.

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on 22.Sept we will promote a group on which will be called "OneWebDay-group" In the group we want to collect social projects connected with good governance and empowering civil society.

like this independent TV Training center in Cameroon:

If you know projects which are in need of support and fits to the idea of OneWebDay pls send them to us, so we can integrate them on our platform.

Rock on 4 a better world