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Joi Ito, Chad Hurley and Loic LeMeur Join TechCrunch50 As Startup Judges.

Its hard to believe, but TechCrunch50 is less than two months away. We're knee-deep in the applications right now, and I can tell you it is hard to cull them down. It is really impressive how many good new startup ideas are out there.

Today, we are announcing our latest line-up of TechCrunch50 Experts: Joi Ito, Chad Hurley and Loic LeMeur. They will join Marc Andreessen, Marc Benioff, Mark Cuban, Chris DeWolf, Marissa Mayer, and others on our panel of experts in judging and advising the presenting TechCrunch50 startups.


Michael Arrington
I'd been bumping into Michael here and there on the Net, but recently got to know him in person at FOO Camp. The whole TechCrunch phenomenon has interested me and having met Michael, it continues to be curious and interesting. ;-)

Anyway, I hope to get a chance to get to see a bunch of cool new startups and peer into the inner workings of the Crunch-machine through the process.

Hope to see you all there.