Joi Ito's conversation with the living web.

I just arrived at FORTUNE Brainstorm: TECH and noticed that they linked to my blog on the site. (Thanks!) However, I'm having some difficulty trying to figure out what to write about or what "voice" to use.

Compared to when I blogged this event back in 2002, there are a lot of bloggers here now. Personally, I blog a lot less. Blogging had become "work" and my blog had begun to attract such a broad audience that I had to write in an increasingly self-controlled and measured voice, which was boring.

Also, the tools have changed. I get more comments on Flickr than on my blog. My Twitter feed possibly has as many readers as my blog.

I probably can't write much about the conference sitting here in my room though, so I better sling my camera and head over.

UPDATE: Twitter feed of the event.


even though there are many ways to know you, but your blog is my favorite.

Blog subtitle: "Joi Ito's conversation with the living web."

So, how does this feel? It's as if the web's not one medium but lots, fragmented. *The* living web? Interesting, interesting.


It's a pretty old subtitle, but I still think it's one single Internet (for now) and it's alive (still) so "the living web" still seems appropriate.

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