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Climate Matters: Inspire Your Next President

Brighter Planet and 1Sky are inviting Americans everywhere to participate in a contest to inspire our next president and political leadership on climate change. Between July 31std and September 22nd, Climate Matters contestants will upload a 30 or 60 second video representing their best attempt at delivering a compelling message to the next president and their political leaders to encourage bold action on climate change. A select panel of prominent judges will choose the winner amongst those ten videos which have accrued the most views in a single day. The contest will take place during both the summer Congressional recess and during the height of the presidential campaign season. To elevate the issue of climate change in the Congressional and the presidential campaigns, 1Sky will organize a strategic D.C.-based event for media and policymakers in early October to highlight the top 10 videos. We are also investigating multiple additional pathways for raising the profile and impact of the video submissions and winners.

Gillian Caldwell, the former ED of WITNESS and one of my heroes is the campaigned director of 1Sky. 1Sky is her "new thing" which I think is a super-important and exciting initiative. Please get involved and help out.


as our governments usually forget to think about our future and and next generation interests. citizens have to act and show the best example to be followed.
of course, awareness about such issues is important and mandatory but does it enough?

I am starting to be worried about global warming and the effect it will have on the planet. I think that we should focus on how we can protect it better.

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