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Sorry about the delay. We've posted some notes from the June 2008 Creative Commons Board Meeting. Let me know if you have any questions.


I am really happy to see that is a real interest for expanding CC activities in Africa and MENA regions. CC remain a unknown concept and not everybody understand the benefit of it for culture and creativity. even if there are some local CC license projects, they are not effectively active. what is the plan to set up local chapters or local community which can involve CC activities in local and regional level? moreover, my fear is that CC is still seen as Western stuff and concerns.
For communication all media channels should be used to contact people and for capacity building objectives?



We have a number of initiatives that we are discussing. We are trying to keep the CC licensing leads at the center of the network because they are the best informed and most connected on the legal and technical issues, but we're trying to expand the ways that we reach out to the community and other institutions.

We are having more regional meetings, again, hopefully expanding in scope.

The legal teams, depending on the country, focus on "community" and outreach to varying degrees, but it is very important for us to have a legal and functional license in a country/region. While it is good to evangelize CC in a country before a license is done, it is much more effective once the rather difficult task of localization is completed.

We have localization projects in Jordan and Nigeria and legal leads now in Egypt, Tanzania and Tunisia.

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